Dr Simone Osborne

Dr Simone Osborne is a Senior Research Scientist and Team Leader of the Molecular Analysis Team in CSIRO Agriculture and Food based at the Queensland Bioscience Precinct in Brisbane, Australia. Simone uses in vitro bioassays and biochemical techniques to identify and characterise bioactive molecules from diverse sources including food, processing waste streams, and animal feed. Specifically, Simone uses these techniques for (1) characterising and separating bioactive molecules from processing waste streams for use as ingredients in food and nutraceuticals; (2) measuring impact of different food structures on digestibility of meat and dairy foods, satiety, and intestinal uptake of target molecules released during digestion; and (3) determining the effect of nutrients and bioactive molecules on the intestinal barrier in an inflammatory state.

The success of her research has been recognised by DAFF and FRDC through a Science and Innovation Awards for Young People in Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (2009) and through funding of two joint CSIRO-FRDC research projects (2012 and 2017). Simone is also currently leading an industry driven project to demonstrate pilot scale production of a bioactive extract from abalone processing waste.

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