Prof Matt Golding

Matt Golding is Professor of Food Colloids within the Massey Institute of Food Science and Technology and Fonterra-Primary Growth Partnership Chair in Food Materials Science. He also holds the role of Principal Investigator within the Riddet Centre of Research Excellence.

His research interests are in the fields of hierarchical assembly of food materials and food structure design and how understanding how manipulation of product microstructure, particularly for soft solid and colloidal systems, can be employed to enhance food product performance. This capability extends to such diverse areas the role of food structure in product stability and quality, the relationship between food structure dynamics (oral processing) and sensory characteristics and the behaviour of food materials during digestion. His teaching interests include dairy technology and the application and characterisation of ingredient and additive functionality in relation to food structure, material properties and product properties.

Prior to joining Massey University in 2009, he was a programme leader with CSIRO Food Science Australia, managing research activities in the reduction and regulation of energy content within foods. He has also worked for Unilever R&D, managing its emulsions science base, which was primarily concerned with the structuring of colloids such as emulsions and foams in soft solid food systems. He has produced over 100 research outputs, currently serves on two editorial boards, and is a member of both the New Zealand Institute of Food Science and Technology, and the Royal Society of Chemistry.

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